SIP -Cisco303 & No Caller ID

Allstar Team,

Hello, I want to be able and display my call or similar node info in allmon or supermon, notice the screen shot below highlighted in yellow. It says " NO-CID" I’m using a Cisco 303 to dial into my node, admins from reflectors and networks are asking me all the time to get this fixed because it does not identify me or my node.


Here is my SIP.conf info :

mailbox=500540 ; Mailbox for message waiting indicator
callerid=N4crg <500540>

and Extension info :

; Allow SIP calls to local nodes
exten => 500540,1,rpt(${EXTEN}|P)
exten => 1999,1,rpt(1999|P)


Andy - N4CRG

I’m not familiar with the CISCI 303 but Allmon2 shows the caller ID set by the Zipper setup.

My Zopier is set up as noted in this post, Notice how I set caller ID.

Try something like this:

exten => 500540,1,rpt(${EXTEN}|P|${CALLERID(name)}-P)

Cisco 303 is a classic VOIP desk phone that uses SIP.conf, I added your suggestion to extensions with no luck.

Did you restart asterisk or do a dialplan reload after editing extensions.conf?

Also you can do a dialplan show sip-phones after reload to see the modified context.

Just FYI, my sip phone beeps every 10 seconds when adding the caller ID. I don’t know why. I also hear a connect message when connecting.

I added this to extensions.conf and reloaded the dial plan and rebooted. Works GREAT!!

; Allow SIP calls to local nodes
exten => 48671,1,rpt(${EXTEN}|P|${CALLERID(name)}-P)

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