Will Allmon3 Run on Debian 9 and 10

I would think this should be able to run on systems back to debian 9 (have not tried it)

However, while there should be no issues at all with debian 10, I would take note that many of our installs of 2.0bx for PC ‘may’ have issues with repo’s lists that should be checked if you have issues getting the latest versions of the supporting software in your build.

It’s doubtful that PHP or Python are modern enough on that platform to run Allmon3. Python 3.5 certainly isn’t.

PHP-FPM has been around a while. I have used it on my main centos webserver for 4+ years
FPM should be most efficient for our use as compared with ngnix etc as most have little headroom to spare.
I have never used it on debian systems myself but see the benefit for some.


Well, here’s the next/latest ‘concern’… the system currently has php7.3 (and yes, the system can now access GitHub, and other domains (network, routing, DNS issue resolved) but I don’t know where these files are to come from… so can’t get past some of the instructions on GitHub.

root@barf-43039:~# apt install -y apache2 php7.4-fpm php-zmq python3-zmq python3-websockets
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package php7.4-fpm
E: Couldn’t find any package by glob ‘php7.4-fpm’
E: Couldn’t find any package by regex ‘php7.4-fpm’

Jim, your post has moved, but if you read the thread it moved to, I think you will find your answer.

For those having repo issues,
and while I have not reviewed the proper instruction,

start off with a update & upgrade & reboot before you start.

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

And while I seen it questioned somewhere, debian 11 installs should be fine as well.
Remember that you don’t have to host it on the local machine, but you do need to port communicate with the nodes server through asterisk manager. So your nodes server can be any OS for sure, I would think.

It would be nice if someone would post a valid successful debian 10 install ‘repo list’ as mine is a bit skewed from a early install of that beta on a PC/cloud to help everyone else out. I’m sure there are a few others. With that one beta exception, I only have 9 and can’t copy a valid one to show here.

I see no reason this will not work under deb 9, and will test it when I have time. It’s just PHP and Python.
Someone be a hero and do it before me …LOL.