Webtransciever run separately?


I was wondering if anyone has tried, or thought of trying turning the webtransciever.jar into a runnable desktop jar app? The java library should be able to be used, at least its classes used, outside of the browser now that browsers discontinued plugins?

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Yes, I got it to work a few years ago, I just added a frame and ran it as a standalone vs applet. The issue is authentication. We would need to set something up for username/password.

73 Greg

Why isn’t this on the wetransciever page then? Just set some config file, download webtransciever.jar, and run… would be a lot better than that sorry, only works in ancient insecure browsers message? Have you written a howto on using the jar file itself?

Jim didn’t seem interested in having a standalone program, I was just trying to debug it for him, it was easier as a standalone application using Eclipse so Jim had me hardwired credentials at that time. It was in 2011. He called it “Java poopy”. :smile: I didn’t doing anything with it since then. I can get a version for people to download if there’s any interest. There are wrappers like launch4J to use on windows and mac so you don’t have to run it on the cmd line. In mean time I was working on the stats server and Google maps.

I have some Java experience and I would definitely be interested.