Webtransceiver down?

Is the webtransceiver a thing of the past or just down temporarily?

I was trying to get the applet working locally, then I noticed something:

allstarlink.org/portal/webtransceiver.php?node=2009 for example has this code in the page:

  <param name="user" value="allstar-public"/>
  <param name="pass" value="allstar"/>
  <param name="host" value=""/>

and yet according to ping and host commands, that IP is nonexistent.

allstarlink.org/portal/webtransceiver.php?node=2003 shows:

  <param name="user" value="allstar-public"/>
  <param name="pass" value="allstar"/>
  <param name="host" value=""/>

yet according to ping and host commands, that IP is not responding at all either.

So if that is not responding, is it temporary issue or is webtransceiver just permanently disabled??

Jim had set those servers up for me to work with the webTx. Not sure who took it over. Probably another IP address now. I guess you could setup one of your nodes and go through it.

From what you said I would assume that none of the webtransceiver web listening is working now??

The IP address showing in the <param name=host is the IP address of the node to connect to and is correct as shown above, at least for node 2009, 2003 was not on line at the time I checked. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the values shown.

For the webtranceiver to work you must have a browser that supports Java applets. There is one called Blue Moon and another for Mac (forgot the name) that still support Java but YMMV.

I’ve probably not stated this enough so let me say here that AllStar needs developers and a replacement for the webtransceiver is one example of the need. This is not directed at you @KD3SU because I know you’ve done more than your share, but to any others, if you want to help let us know.

I emailed the guy who wrote the webTx. He said not to bother, use RTC? instead. He said he didn’t have time to help.

Right, but RTC requires current versions of Asterisk.

Note that the phone portal runs Asterisk 1.8 with my port of app_rpt. There are some newer things available in that (1.8).

The app_rpt code is a ways before it can ever be brought into something newer like Asterisk 11 without a lot of work – which is where WebRTC support starts.