Weather Script - Are they still available?

I’m wanting to add the ability to announce active NWS weather alerts as a tail message on one of my nodes. I have searched the posts here, as well as many others on the Internet. All of which are pointing to outdated information or links with 404 errors. Where is a current, working weather alert script with detailed instructions for implementing it?


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Hello! Yes, the weather scripts are still available, I have then running on my own simplex node. If you would like to work something out like to talk via email let me know!

Tavas, KD9NSC

“Yes, the weather scripts are still available”… and where would those scripts be located at?


The installation guide is posted here:
Here is the rar:

EDIT If you need any help feel free and connect your node to 50975, Im on about all day from 10am CT to 7pm CT

Thank you for list that information


No Problem! Feel free and link up to my node and I can help.