Using Allstar in the Mobile


I have an Allstar node that i built using a Raspberry Pi 3b+ and a Baofeng 888. It works just fine at home but i would like to take it moble and tether it off my cellphone in hotspot mode like i do with my Zumspot. The digital works great but the Allstar doesn’t. Can anyone help or provide info on how to do it?
Any info would greatly be appreciated

Thank you

So, you are saying that you can not connect out-bound ?
I am guessing when it works fine at home, you are not tethered to your cell.

Likely your cell carrier is blocking your iax port. You can try some other non-standard port.
Like 8130 if not otherwise used.

They would tell you that they block ports to protect you from hackers, but as I see it, the are blocking voip services that may be competing with them for phone services.

Of course, I do not know this, you will need to do some checking on your system to see.
And if you have not yet found the issue, provide some more details.

Hi Mike

What i was describing was not outbound problem. Its a connection problem. It will work in my car but as i drive and move into another cell site area i loose connection. Or the WAN ip address changes. I was told that it will work using a proxy server if anyone has info about setting one up. The key is to have a stable connection while driving.


Well, that is a outbound connection issue.
Can’t give you a definitive fix,
only to add that you might try turning roaming off as you are likely to get a new IP address when switching carriers. But, you might also get no service.
Dynamic DNS would solve this issue I think.
Know that when your IP changes, it takes some time, up to 10 minutes I think, for your registration under that IP to be updated in the nodes list that qualifies you for connection by anyone by that IP/Port.

I agree Mike. I have a friend who set up proxy server and uses his node with no problems. I’ve asked a few times but is busy with work.
So i figured to ask online and see if anyone else has done it and would share how to accomplish it.


I mobile alot with my allstar node and the only times that I have dropped connection is when I enter an area with low to no service. I have been luckily enough that my WAN IP hasn’t changed on me…

I am using an iPhone 12 Pro Max on Verizon as my hotspot.

Jim, K6JWN

My best advice, you may not want to follow,
is to put the server in the cloud and use iaxrpt mobile better known as ‘dvswitch mobile’ now,
as a iax connection to your server. From that connection, it will not care what you IP is since you login is user/pass. Of course, that mobile app only works on android.

Hey Mike

Thanks I do have dv switch on my android. I use it to access my repeater which is on Allstar aswell. In theory I wonder if the iax.conf file on a node could be manipulated to do the same thing as dv switch app? Not sure if it could work just a thought :thinking:.


I continue to recommend a RTCM for mobile operation…

In what way? DVS app uses either IAX2 or USRP.
IAX2 is setup in iax.conf if you use that proto to access, you already have it modified for it.
If you have been using USRP, you need to add a entry in iax2 for a user login … user/pass and a entry in extensions.conf, similar to iaxrpt for pc, but type user. See instruction for the app with iax connections.

Hmm, this is interesting. How do you connect them to a telephone hotspot? Do they have wireless onboard?

No, a cellular modem with a wired network connection in needed.

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