How to send Connection announcements to remote nodes?

Hello everyone,

I have a VPS Node setup and mobile node. The mobile node connects to the VPS Node, because I a mobile 90% of the time, I want inbound connections only to the VPS Node. That is all working great. Is there a way to get connection announcements passed down to my Mobile Node with a station connects to my VPS Node? The announcement does not need to go out to every connected node, just my Mobile Node. I would like it to work this way because I drive an 18 wheeler and I do not want to have the dashboard up to see if any node has connected to the VPS Node.

Thanks for All your help.

Rich (KD7LMN)

Telemetry data is passed to all connected nodes.
It is up to each node to announce the info/ or not.

Look for something like this in your rpt.conf file to see what your actual commans are set to be (mine are changed) You are looking for the cop,## and when you see it in your file, you can issue the corelating assigned dtmf command to change the setting.

9400=cop,34 ; Local Telemetry Output Disable
9401=cop,33 ; Local Telemetry Output Enable
9402=cop,35 ; Local Telemetry Output on demand
9410=cop,37 ; Foreign Link Local Output Path Disable
9411=cop,36 ; Foreign Link Local Output Path Enable
9412=cop,38 ; Foreign Link Local follow local telem
9413=cop,39 ; Foreign Link Local Output Path On-/-Timed

9421=cop,42 ; Echolink announce node # only
9422=cop,43 ; Echolink announce node Callsign only
9423=cop,44 ; Echolink announce node # & Callsign

If you are using hamvoip, this may not be the same at all. I do not know.

Hello @kd7lmn,

For mobile users such as yourself I recommend using a RTCM connected directly to your mobile node radio. No node computer is needed in the mobile. RTCMs always connects back to the Allstar server. You don’t need to open any ports at the RTCM end. We use them on cellular connections.

Think of the RTCM as sound fob connected over the IP network. The RTCM replaces the node and sound fob in your mobile. You only need the one node back at your VPS (or home).

Also (you’ll like this part) the RTCM sends a programmable CW message when it connects to the node and a different CW message when it disconnects. The default disconnect message is LINK OFF and the default connect message is OK. Even if your CW is a poor as mine you know the status just by the length of the message. Actually it’s pretty easy to recognize OK ha! - - - - . -

That is interesting.
I’m going to have to get a rctm just to play a little. I have always wanted to do a voted system on 220

The voting application of RTCMs is very cool and it works flawlessly.

I had a chat with a fella who I forgot name/call in illinois that said he did some of the work on the pgm/hardware and I was very interested 6 years ago. Life just got in the way.
Doug hall had a voter system that I could never afford 25 years ago, and I know it was not so perfect.
It was the only thing remotely affordable and well documented back then. I think I still have the data sheets and manual for it.
Perhaps on my to do list this year. Gotta go outside and start shoveling the 10 inches of snow off my solar panels now. LOL