“theory of operation” for the Allstar node

Where do i find the answers to these questions…

  1. How many contiguous users can be “connected” to an Allstar node?
  2. Does the Allstar node software assign a “stack” number to my connection?
  3. How does the Allstar node keep track of the users that connect to a local node with the *3 (node number)…then connect to an Allstar node in another state with the *3 (node number) to QSO with those local Ham operators in that state?
  4. When I disconnect with a *73 do the Allstar nodes disconnect just me, or all those ham operators connected?

The max number appears to be 32 but that can be changed.

Do you mean a fifo, that type of stack? AllStar knows about the last outbound connection, and can be referenced with *0, but it goes no deeper than that. But I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

There are a number of ways to show the connections. This example from an AllStar hub shows the Asterisk CLI, way:

There is also a web interface Called Allmon2 and another called Supermon. This is an Allmon2 screen capture;

AllStarLink provides a status page for reporting nodes at http://stats.allstarlink.org

And last but not least there is the Bubble Chart. A sample is shown on the next post.

Assuming *73 maps to ilink 6, yes when you dial *73 all nodes would be disconnected from your node. Using the example below, an ilink,6 command issued on the LA Hub would disconnect all nodes connected to it. However, the Las Vegas nodes would remain connected to each other.