Max number of connections?

My node just crashed at the beginning of a net that my node hosts. Checking the logs the only thing I can see is a warning in /var/log/asterisk/essages.1 that says WARNING[445] app_rpt.c: maximum number of links exceeds 32 in rpt_do_stats()!

Is there a hard limit to the number of connections in asterisk (bandwidth is not an issue on my end)? I probably had maybe 40 nodes connected at the time.


This may be related to my problem:

But I welcome comments from the community. As context, I am running Asterisk on Debian 10 using an x86 VM.

This might be a HamVoIP limitation as I’ve never heard of it with ASL.

Good to know. I am running asterisk on this node so am curious if anyone knows what the consequence of the warning message above might be.

Are you using a newer version of app_rpt -ASL on debian or a older version like ACID on centos ?

New version for Debian (I am running Debian 10) that works on x86 VMs.

In case it is helpful, here is the log output that was generated the moment app_rpt crashed this weekend when I had around 40 nodes connected to it:

@lnuvm120:~$ sudo grep ‘general protection’ /var/log/kern.log*
Nov 22 09:54:09 lnuvm120 kernel: [77895.496981] traps: asterisk[24224] general protection ip:7f868df53093 sp:7f868c328418 error:0 in[7f868df52000+39000]
/var/log/kern.log:Nov 22 10:05:24 lnuvm120 kernel: [78570.121721] traps: asterisk[25292] general protection ip:7fc842047093 sp:7fc840459418 error:0 in[7fc842046000+39000]
/var/log/kern.log.1:Nov 15 10:01:39 lnuvm120 kernel: [67230.499102] traps: asterisk[32495] general protection ip:7fa96d638093 sp:7fa94721d418 error:0 in[7fa96d637000+39000]
/var/log/kern.log.1:Nov 15 10:08:20 lnuvm120 kernel: [ 182.093447] traps: asterisk[977] general protection ip:7fc51b071093 sp:7fc518df0418 error:0 in[7fc51b070000+39000]
/var/log/kern.log.1:Nov 15 11:30:10 lnuvm120 kernel: [ 4685.089422] traps: asterisk[2919] general protection ip:7f0c3155e093 sp:7f0c13105418 error:0 in[7f0c3155d000+39000]


The answer apparently is in the link you discovered.

look for this in the source code app_rpt.c
#define MAX_STAT_LINKS 32

change it to

#define MAX_STAT_LINKS 128 (or 64)

recompile the source code.

I believe the number is for directly connected links and not downstream.
My memory is lost but I thought this was definable in globals in acid.