System involving a Sip Server and Asl server

so, I am working on a project that involves a sip server running freepbx and 3 clients connected to it through VOIP sip softphone application now I want those software applications to communicate to 2 sets of Hytera radios aswell through a soft PTT button in my application. The Hytera base station will be there connected to DMK URI…which will be connected to the local asl server…All this system is connected through local LAN (no internet and allstar servers will be involved)…I have a bunch of questions as I am new to all technologies involved:

  1. is it a good idea to run both the servers (i.e sip and ASL) on the same machine with virtualbox installed on it to reduce hardware cost? if yes, what resources (disk space, ram etc) should be given to both virtual machines where i also want to enable call recording option in both servers?

  2. With this comes the question, is there option of call recording in ASL?

  3. I need guidance on making connection between two servers.

  4. also. need guidance if anyone has managed to make a soft radio application and connected it to asl server using c# windows application? any libraries available?


  1. Yes. Requirements are not heavy for a lightly loaded Asterisk box.
  2. Not as far as I know.
  3. There is lots of information on the net on the subject. Here is one search result…
    Connecting Two Asterisk Boxes Together via IAX
  4. There are many soft phone applications around that work for AllStar using VOX as a reverse PTT or with *99/# to emulate PTT. Zoiper is a popular one for AllStar.
    Zoiper Setup for AllStar
    Also, if you’re a macOS user, checkout Transceive