Simple Voter Setup

I see from a post by w3kkc (ASL 2.0.0 Beta USBradio CTCSS?) that Simple Voter has been incorporated into ASL 2.0.0 Beta. I also see some notes in the AllStarLink wiki (Simple voter - AllStarLink Wiki) about Simple Voter from the days when it was available in Xipar.

Has anyone actually set one up using the 2.0.0 voter? And, in the wiki, there is mention about a urd.conf file. Is there any template available for this file?

Finally, rummaging around the source code I thought I saw something about a chan_urd module. Is this module necessary for Simple Voter? Could this be the need for a urd.conf file?

I have just brought up a remote base on 29.6 and the e-skip QSB is driving me nuts. My idea is to set up diversity reception using a vertical antenna and a horizontal antenna at the same site and use Simple Voter to switch between them (receive only). I did this years ago using a nor-gate based flip flop and a pair of 4066 cmos switches for the audio and it worked well. Iā€™d like to update the approach and use Simple Voter if it is supported.

73, Mark, N2MH

Does Simple voter - AllStarLink Wiki meet your needs?

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