Setting custom TX & RX frequency on asl 2.0.0 beta 6

I am new into allstar just getting into it and i am currently setting my node up on asl 2.0.0 beta 6 where that’s the only OS that i can connect to my home network on. so i spent few hours setting up which is going good until i got to the tune part i wanted to program my node to a specific frequency so i spent some time looking for the setting but apparently i can not find the setting for me to program the frequency into the settings. i tried using simpleUSB nothing tried radioUSB nothing i am able to set the others like the morse code settings and few other stuff but i can not find the setting to set what frequency to recieve on and what frequency to transmit on and what PL tone to listen for. so i am looking to see if anyone knows where i can find that setting in the config files and what area that it’s located?

I live in massachusetts and my frequency plan is to have the hotspot listen on 430.000 and transmit on 440.000 with the PL tone of 67.0 hz and for my radio itself transmit on 430.000 with PL tone of 67.0 hz and listen on 440.000 but i can not find where i can program the frequency into the hotspot so that way i can do the setup test

You really do not need to set freq in the software.
If you are speaking to the freq that is shown about your node, you set that in the self-sevice user portal.

oh ok i tried that and done a RX test where i have a radio on frequency and transmit the display was suppose to show my voice move but nothing was happening which i am trying another fork seems like the same issue including not detecting the device when i tried several USB cables detects on 1 and does not detect on another so might be the RF modem that is causing it where i bought a clone from amazon so i might have to return the item to amazon and go with another one at another location but good to know thx for the info

Could you point to what instruction you are trying to follow so I know what you are trying to do.

Trying to set-up asl or dvswitch

I was trying to setup ASL 2.0.0 beta 6 tried the regular ASL how to and tried ham voip nothing

i had ASL installed on 1 SD card and ham voip on another SD card

I can not help with hamvoip. It is different in ways unknown to me.
I think they have a support group at

What guide are you using. And where in it the first problem.
We need a starting point.

no worries the hamvoip was just my 2nd source to try but same issue there so you can forget about hamvoip where it also occures there too but the guide that i was originally using was the wiki allstarlink beginners guide i was able to set the node up leading up to the audio settings simpleUSB step i was able to have the device do the PTT test but when i did the recieve test when i typed in 2 and showed the sound meter i keyed up my test radio on frequency and identified as a test nothing happened and that’s where i stopped and tried it on the other image the hamvoip image but same thing which i got an idea that it might be the modem where some weird stuff is happening to it too so that might play a role in that too but i’m not going to confuse stuff just staying on 1 thing at a time

So, are you set-up as simpleusb or usbradio
Did you config the file

Have you enabled /load for that driver in modules.conf

right now it’s setup as simpleUSB

Edit /etc/asterisk/modules.conf

find the line with simpleusb and make sure it is loaded and looks like this
load => ; CM1xx USB Cards with Radio Interface Channel Driver (No DSP)

and NOT this
noload => ; CM1xx USB Cards with Radio Interface Channel Driver (No DSP)

done already set to load

Are you looking for ASL to program the frequencies into your radio?
GeorgeC W2DB

Have you run

and entered device info to your files by identification of the correct sound device

not exactly i already have that setting programmed in my radio myself i’m looking to set my hardware hotspot the frequencies that i programed into my radio here’s an example

on my radio transmit to 430.000MHz with PL tone of 67.0 Hz when keyed and me talking and when unkeyed recieve on 440.000MHz and on the hardware hotspot transmit to 440.000MHz if someone is talking in a connected room and recieve on 430.000MHz and listen for PL tone of 67.0 Hz

that’s my example but couldn’t find the setting to set that anywhere in the ASL beta 6 i set it already in the portal but not in the software

i did under the start batch shell option and it returned back with this

root@repeater:/home/repeater# lsusb
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0d8c:0012 C-Media Electronics, Inc.
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 2109:3431 VIA Labs, Inc. Hub
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub

Also this is my hotspot hardware device if this helps at all

so the device number looks like
The cmedia device is our standard.

If you are trying to use a SDR with asl is likely as to why I am lost as to what you have been asking.

Perhaps you need to seek advice from the maker of that device for support as I am not aware of it and/or it’s compatibility with asl. Perhaps asterisk?

There is no published info in our wiki for it. If someone said to you that it is a supported device, then ask them how to do it.

I am not doubting something can be done with sdr and asl. I’m sure there is.
But that was not the point of your first question.

Perhaps there are others reading that know something of it.

ok thx for trying to help all i know is that it’s a 3rd party product from amazon i tried finding the manufactuer’s website but no luck and doesn’t give much details at all but i am on a ham radio discord server that a user has a device that’s similar to the one i have so he’s helping me out with that but i have a feeling that i’ll have to return the item back to amazon but i’ll give it the weekend to see how it goes but thx for trying to help

so from what I can gather it is a RF module (SA-818) and a CM108 device in one package. It seems to me that what you are looking for does not exist and isn’t needed. If you altready programmed it for your RF channel all you need to do is set up the ASL software.
GeorgeC W2DB

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ok so from what you are saying is that i did not need to program the different uplink and downlink frequencies at all and only set 1 frequency in the portal page? if that’s the case i tried setting my radio to that frequency with adding the PL tone i only could have it do the flash PTT test and not the recieve test (key 2) nothing happens on the screen when the hotspot device recieve’s audio signal from my test radio