Red flag when connecting to certain node

Hey I am trying to connect to a node of a fellow ham and keeps getting the red bar we are unable to figure out why it has work but now red bar also for him to connect node I have to connect first any help would be appreciated thanks.

Is that Supermon or Allmon that shows a “red bar”? Did you try to restart your node?

Its supermon yes tried re starting

On both ends:

  • Check the IP address with rpt lookup xxxxx or if ASL grep xxxxx /var/lib/asterisk/rpt_extnodes to be sure they match your public IP address where xxxxx is the node number.
  • If ASL tail /var/lib/rpt_extnodes to insure the timestamp is current.
  • Make sure there are no other LAN devices on the chosen IAX port.
  • Make sure the chosen IAX port is open matches the portal settings in account and bindport = in /etc/asterisk/iax.conf.
  • Check that the NODE = setting in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf has the correct node number.
  • Check that the correct setting under the [nodes] section or /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf. ie xxxxx = radio@,NONE. :pppp is only needed if not the default port of 4569.

Added these instructions to Troubleshooting - AllStarLink Wiki with minor changes.

While not familiar with Supermon, the issue looks not to be specific to it.

A quick check to see if you have private nodes that are the same number as those of the intended connect node has.

app_rpt will block the connection when you both are connected to the same node # as a loopback protection. Even though nodes under 2000 are not part of the network. Obviously overlooked when loopback protection was added.

Disconnect your private nodes to test.

I probably should have added that if the node you are attempting to connect to has an issue with a updated nodes list and the older file he is using does not contain your node, it will fail.

But the same could be the case in your file if the targets IP has changed since the list was last downloaded.

The list is updated frequently and you can view the date / timestamp
So you might also query the admin of the target a well.

The file/system method is a security measure.

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