Connection issues to resolve

I can connect to many nodes but when i try to connect to a certain node i can,t connect to the other station but the other station can connect to my node any help would be great to solving this issue thanks.

It always can help with answers when you state the respective node numbers in question.

The issue may be with the other station. Port forwarding or old nodelist file etc.

If you both have a common node number connected including a private node (i.e. 1999) will block a potential connect at the time it is attempted.

You are going to have to say more about this to get a better direction to look for answers.

Ok sorry about that my node 43386 the other node is 579050 we also have the same port forwarding he has another node number 579051 we can connect in and out no problem but with 579050 he can connect to me but i can,t connect to him

I am not showing this node as registered in the nodelist.
Perhaps it is no longer turned on?

I will wait till you tell me it is online before we address the next checks.

The port you are using is not important as long as the routing is correct to direct it to the server from your router. And that port and public IP is registered in the nodelist data to make the connection possible.
That would be for inbound connects. It does not have any effect on outbound connections. As long as the server is registered. For with out that data in the nodelist, the connection will be refused (security).

Hey yes my node number is 43386 thats the one i am using not sure why its not showing

Enter the self service portal and look-up the data for that node and verify the password matches what is in the registration string located in iax.conf

We will see how far that gets you.

Hey check passwords all same in the allstar node as well iax.conf

can you post that file iax.conf

-mask off that password(s) when you do but do not change the line outside of that.

Well tnx for that effort, but I need to see the whole file for what I’m looking for.

You can just PM me here the file. Click my icon and select message.

By chance, did you just convert to or cancel NNX node numbering ?

No i didn,t convert anything not intensionlly lol

The issue seems to be the other station.

I can not connect to him. - 579050

Likely a port forwarding issue on his side. But has many other possibilities.

But my initial report that you were not registered was not accurate.
I was looking at nodelist data on a inactive server, so it was not being updated.

ok glad i am registered lo i am thinking the issue is on the 579050 also

i am trying to send that file iax.conf just having issue of sending it

I understand, but don’t send it if you don’t have an issue.

You are trying to connect to a station that is already connected in the current connection network.
I am looking at the bubble chart and connected to you.(29999)
The connection will be refused as a loopback protection.

yell even when i dissconect from the network the 579050 still won,t connect

As I said, I can’t connect t it either and it has no other connects. May be intentional, but it looks on his side, not yours.

yes forsure thanks for all your help

Just wondering how to enable or disable connections to a node