Raspberry Pi 5 Image or Instructions?

I want to use the RPI 5’s increased speed, but it requires Debian 12. I started using the ASL repo, but started receiving errors complaining about version impossibility problems.

Has anyone else installed ASL on a RPI 5?

Should I try to use the repos? Or better to start with a RPI 3/4 image? Or compile from source? (if I start from the source files, that only gives me the bare-bones? I’ve only used source files for really basic things)


I have not yet tried to install ASL on an RPI5, but I have successfully installed it on an RPI4 running Bookworm. For this, you will need to build it from source. See here:


Allan’s instructions are great. Allow perhaps 1/2 hour extra for building (I did not time it).

While I am new to ASL, it seems to have everything. Also, the new Allmon3 works beautifully with it.

David, AK2L


Thanks for this info David! That was pure magic to me, and it worked beautifully. How did you run across this?

If you had searched the forum for it, you likely would not have found it as a RPI 5 item.

But my guess will be, since it uses usb3 that you may only have a capability of one URI and as many DAHDI hubs as you can otherwise create.
But I don’t know that for sure.
But that will be addressed in the next release I think which wont be anytime soon.

Likely though for anyone experimenting, you would need a compatible rasbian os for the 5
(not sure which are but I would assume rasbian 11&12)
and to install/compile from source as you are doing in the link so DAHDI is compiled in that kernel.

Just a little extra info for understanding…

And a last minute note…
If you do an OS update/upgrade, and it breaks ASL, re-compile DAHDI …

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How did you run across this?
A lot of Googling. I was trying hard to find something newer that the Debian 10 package.

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