AWIA: Another way to install ASL2 Beta

If you polk around the interweb and here on Community you’ll find there are various ways to install ASL2 Beta on current Linux operating systems.

This one supports a few architectures including AWS and Debian. I installed it on a Parallels VM of Debian 12. It’s menu driven and grabs the ASL2 development branch and compiles the source for you.

Check it out at GitHub - Allan-N/ASL-Install: Build, install, and configure AllStarLink on [recent] OS platforms

This build will work on a raspberry pi running the 64 bit raspberry pi OS. I installed it last weekend, had an issue with sound. Emailed Allan, explained the issue, he told me what to do, I did it, and he updated his install script after we knew it worked.

Just spun up a AWS cloud server on Debain 12 with this. Great stuff Allan!!

No hiccups on install.

The only thing that I don’t see when asking the Asterisk CLI dahdi show status, it comes up with nothing. But everything is working, including dahdi. When i ask command line dahdi_test -c 100 it comes back with near perfect 100.00%, it dips here or there to 99.98% once in a while.

I also had to manually install the and setup the related iax.conf and extensions.conf provisions as the asl-menu in use doesn’t have that feature.