Pbx for local user that can connect to 2 different node at the demand

A club I help with to maintaining 2 repeater’s want to have secured PBX to give their older user that live in retirement home the capacity to connect to either of the repeater on demand by calling an extension.

I know I could make a sip user for each member and enable chan_sip but that would mean 2 different sip account to enable at each user.

Anyone can help me set a secured pbx that would connect to the IAX trunk of both repeaters And the user would only need to dial the node number to be able to use their phone. Don’t want to put the sip port available for security reason especially on the raspberry pi’s


By “older user” am I correct in assuming licensed hams? If so, is there a radon EchoLink will not be useful?


Wow! Just seen the answer.
When I talk about older I do talk about elderly ham.
Here in Canada we keep our licence for life with out having to renew it.
So a lot of older ham’s would love to be able to connect to the repeater with a simple Wifi voip phone since the place where they live provide wifi but they live is a farady cages so they cant use a handeld radio to operate at almost all site. And since we live in a place where it is very cold for months we were thinking of the voip fonction of our repeater to keep the guys active in the group.

Echolonk could be a way of doing it but they dont all have a phone or tablet that could be used for that. and the audio on echolink is… well let just say, not very good. At the same time we will have a way to “phone” them privately if needed. ( our own little hamshack hotline)

We have a bunch of used wifi IP phone that we got from a company that closed, so that would make a nice handheld for them :wink:

It’s pretty easy to setup a trunk. Lots of help out there on the interweb. Here’s one:

There are a few examples here on Community of how to set up a SIP phone and reverse patch:

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Send me an email I can send you some example dialplans and iax configurations you can use. rob297@gmail.com. Are u running a dedicated server for the sip clients at remote location? IAX much easier to deal with thru firewalls and nat routers. We have about 10 repeater with all using openvpn to network them all together. They all have direct extensions for program and simple mode.