Oracle Virtual box

how can i run a allstar server via oracle virtual box plus im running off a rented server and im trying to run a server so i can have my own HUB

Welcome @Richard27,

Take a look at AWIA: Another way to install ASL2 Beta. That’s the best and most friendly to install the ASL2 beta these days.

ok but i want to install it on a VPS that i have Oracle VB on not on my actual computer and the VPS that i rent is windows

There’s a good chance it’ll work for that. Install Debian 12 on it. And then follow the read me instructions.

ok is there anything else i need to fallow before i go though all of this so i don’t miss anything or have to back trace?

Install Debian 12 first. Then go for it and let all of us here know how it went. Good luck.