OK...Not showing up in stats, but IAX2 shows registered

This has been going on for a while…on two of my sites. Some of the nodes show as active in the bubble chart…others are tinted pink.

For instance, at the present time, I’m showing all three of my nodes here as registered:
Host dnsmgr Username Perceived Refresh State Y 42761 XX.XX.XX.XX:4569 60 Registered Y 28254 XX.XX.XX.XX:4569 60 Registered Y 27710 XX.XX.XX.XX:4569 60

But when I do a status check on, say, 27710 at the URL:

It returns:

I am seeing in my /var/log/asterisk/messages:

[May 20 11:00:11] ERROR[1481] app_rpt.c: event exec item malformed: /usr/bin/wget,-q,–timeout=15,–tries=1,–output-document=/dev/null
[May 20 11:00:11] ERROR[1481] app_rpt.c: event exec item malformed: http://stats.allstarlink.org/uhandler.php

I’ve tried rem’ing out the 2 lines for the wget and uhandler to report and grabbing the same two lines from the nodes that ARE working, but still getting the same results (for 27710, and, as an aside, my node 27294, fwiw).

So, on the same cpu, running 2 nodes plus a hub, the hub (28254) and the second node (42761) are fine…but 27710 isn’t, using the same commands in the rpt.conf file from the same iP address and port.

Hmmm…and the same thing is happening on my first node I registered 10 years ago…and was fine until a little while ago.

Taking tin foil MAGA hat off…

Thoughts? Any insight? Wondering…

73 de wb0yle/w2fuv
Morrisville PA
Fall River MA

Hi Bryan,

Since nodes 42761 and 28254 work and 27710 does not, but all running on the same hardware / same asterisk instance, the problem with 27710 must be with some obscure typo in the /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf file. Check the 27710 stanza carefully. Also, I’ve gotten reports lately of copy-and-paste errors, I think mainly with Win10 users. The problem here is that certain character sequences are inadvertantly replaced by the editor. For example, a double-dash “- -” may show up as: “–” …which is invalid syntax!

73, David KB4FXC

I ran into the double hyphen problem just a couple of days ago. Here’s how to fix it on MacOS


Also, I found that waiting about 5 seconds before typing the second hyphen will work.

P.S. I was surprised that I never had run into this before, then realized I recently switched to zsh. Still, it seems weird that would impact cli on remote Linux boxes.

Well, when I get back to MA (I’m in PA now, just finished rebuilding my servers down here (which were running ACID from way back in '10…) and getting both my duplexers tweaked back to proper operation and my micor conversion crystals (yes, still using rocks here…) netted…and 6 hours of hacking away at the ASL install and bringing things up…will work at it in another couple weeks.

Thanks for all the suggestions…thinking just reimaging and starting from scratch may be the best right now (which cleared the bubble chart pink eye for my PA systems…;))

Bryan wb0yle/w2fuv
Morrisville PA
Fall River MA