New Node Number Proposal - NNX

AllStar node numbers are a finite resource. We were getting close to issuing numbers starting with 5. Then we found there are unused numbers in the block beginning with 4 and have begun issuing those. Obviously those will run out at some point. So, the question is, what do we do next?

Numbers starting with 3, 8 and 9 are used for other applications, leaving us with unused numbers starting with 5, 6 and 7. If we switch to seven digit node numbers that would give us 3 million available node numbers. But we have a better idea and this is where we’d like your input.

The new node number plan we are floating will allow you to optionally change your existing number in such a way that you will gain up to ten sequential node numbers from any of your existing numbers. Simply put, your existing node xxxx would become xxxx0. Then you could add xxxx1 through xxxx9. You do this yourself without involvement of the AllStarLink admin team.

The details are explained in this white paper I may be able to arrange a screen share demo on a limited basis.

Any changes to node numbers are completely optional. If you don’t want to change then simply would not use the proposed portal features. Even if you did make a change and wanted to go back, you could.

The plan alleviates pressure on number space if you have more than one node number and you release those into the pool of available node numbers. Because you gain sequential numbers beginning with a number you already have, we feel most people will be willing to give up their least favorite numbers. Also, going forward we can encourage folks requesting additional node numbers to consider the advantages of using the method described in the white paper.

We are opening a comment period being now and ending on July 1. Assuming there are no serious objections to the plan, the new portal site will be updated after the comment period.


I like this idea it provides sequential node numbers and some freedom in managing my own node numbers.

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That is one good Idea. And It would make it easy to guys that build test setup to have a node number easily at hand with out having to disturb the ASL team with a node request.

Also, an automatic way to ask a node user that did not connect to the system in the last 6 month if they still want to keep there node, (once a month) by email and if they dont opt in to keep the node, it get back in the pool after 2 or 3 strike out?

That way the numbers of node number would keep on getting kept close to what it really needed.


I like it. It works like the DMR equivalent of SSID. I might suggest 2 digits appended. May not be needed, not sure anyone would need 100 nodes.

73, Steve N4IRS

We counted up how many nodes each user has. There was only one user that got even close to 100 nodes and only a few with more than 10. So it seemed a waste to force everybody have to dial 2 extra digits when the vast majority would never need it.

If someone needs more than 10 they can use 2 issued node numbers to get 20 or to 3 to get 30… etc.

I think that this is a Great idea!

I think it is a great idea.

The idea has merit. It may accomplish the need to have a sufficient quantity of Node numbers, and may provide some workload relief to the ASL team. Having said this, I won’t give up my 2584 Node for a 2584x. I have been using this Node for ~10 years and like it the way it is. But, I don’t mind 27310x and giving up the other Node numbers I have, if it helps the cause.

I’m with you. I wouldn’t give up my only 4 digit node number either. But you wouldn’t be giving it up in a literal sense.

To clarify how NNX works, when a node is converted to NNX the original number (4 digit or otherwise) will no longer register and will not show on the nodes list. However, it is saved in the database, it still belongs to the original owner and it can not be reissued. The node owner can change NNX nodes back to the original node number at any time.

I am for the proposal.

Maybe the 5 digit / 7 digit thing could be fixed by always mapping

node 34567 to 3456700 and vice versa

that would give everyone a 5 digit code for their primary connection point.

…STeve - KF5VH

Asterisk won’t let you connect to 345600 if there is a 3456 active.

Asterisk decodes touchtones as you dial them. So as soon as you press 3456 it would connect to 3456. You could never reach 345600.

Like most so far it is a workable idea here.

I know I am a month late to the party but I think the proposal is awesome.

@KG5EBI (or anyone) It’s open for beta testing. Let me know if you’d like to give it a whirl.

I am sentimentally attached to my first node number, but would love to do it with my last two - 42297 & 42298.

Where do I sign up? :slight_smile:

I’ve just signed you up. You should see the new menu item mentioned here NNX Beta Testing.

If you haven’t already give this link a good read Some of the screen shots will look a bit different than the Wiki document but the actions are the same.

Please post back with your questions and thoughts. Thanks for testing.

I’ll be rolling out NNX later today. Please post back here with any comments or questions.

I just pushed the NNX code to web-tpa. There were a few last minute changes concerning error conditions and related text.

To be sure it works:

  • I requested a new node number and granted it. Received node number 50087.
  • Then changed it to an NNX. Now I have nodes 500870 and 500871 in my account and they show on the nodes list.
  • Moved both NNX nodes to a different server.
  • Changed 2501 to an NNX and changed it back to a non-NNX.

The NNX beta is still on the beta tester menu. I’ll leave it there for a day or two. Please post back if you have any comments or questions.