How to setup a HF Remote

I am interested in controlling my HF rig remotely. is there a group on here that can head me in the right way to set something up using the raspberry pi ?

Hi Les,
Welcome to the Allstar Community Forum. There’s not an HF remote rig group here but there are a few posts on the subject. There are a couple of articles on the Wiki, too. If you use the search tool on both sites you will have access to the same info that I have. I hope that helps you.

What make/model rig are you wanting to control with a pi ?
There are only ‘some’ rigs that can be directly controlled with ASL/app_rpt as a built in function.
Others need external control software help.
Perhaps I can point you to a quick resolve.

I have a kenwood ya 450s and a IC-7100

TS 450s. Kenwood. Sorry about that

While I have never actually tried kenwood,

The following would be true for all remote base.
You will need a node (private or public).
A form of control, and for kenwood it is a serial connection that must be addressed in your rpt.conf for/in that nodes stanza.
The actual serial interface from computer to radio.
(the problem here is that the software is assuming a PC address, so a Pi may be a problem? Should not be as (ie) ttyusb0 /1 /2)
And I am going to take a pause right there as I was going to point to the wiki where I had written some info for this several times and I am not seeing it. NOT HAPPY.

here is some info on the internal command structure…

For icom, the only radio I know that was set for internal control was the 706mkii and the problem with that is that it was written specifically for it and while most of the commands are the same as other icoms, they will not work because the software is expecting certain length of data returned from specific calls and not all radio’s will be giving it creating buffer underruns and confusing data and causing lock-ups.

I have been writing a external control program for the Icom’s that is very generic and can be limited based on radio. Some radios that do not have function we use a command for are just ignored, but no buffer/lock-up issues.
It works from the dialplan and functions the same on a Pi and should work with virtually all icoms.
Will expand this to kenwood in the future next.

see this thread and contact me off list/PM if interested. I am not doing anything active with this till the weather turns white where I am. But there is a functional beta.

I do have a IC-7100 as well if that would work ?
And thanks for your reply.

Using app_rpt/ASL there is nothing built-in to work with the 7100.
My external beta will set freq/mode type things for HF using the CIV interface, not the USB. within the dialplan. Using d-star with this is unlikely in it’s present form unless you set needed info to a memory channel.
Contact me off list / PM if you wish to test a 7100 using civ.
I am not going to respond to anything very fast as I am very very busy right now.