Need some beta testers ICOM CIV remote base control from the dial plan

I’m sending this out a bit early so others may dust off their old interfaces
or build anew from a FTDI usb/serial converter you can get on ebay for $5

I was troubled all those years ago when app_rpt was only written for the 706MKii (for icom’s anyway)
as whoever did the original code while very good high in detail, overwrote it a bit so it could only work with that model whereas it could have been written a bit more universal to include a many icom radio’s.
Much of the trouble is specific formats of data returned from the radio that are unique to the MKii,
so if you had a original 706, it would ‘lock-up’ the computer from the lack of correct info coming back.

Be that as it may be,
I wrote something 10 years ago for my own purposes as a work around and had tried to encourage the dude to take all the code out of app_rpt for remote bases and just apply a interface that can be accessed externally so we all could write to specific radios. Not many ever had tried a HF remote because of the radio limitations. Most node owners were repeater operators then and buying a more expensive radio to put at a remote site is not that appealing. But app_rpt/asl let’s you put it anywhere you have antenna’s and internet. That’s the beauty of network radio !

So… I am writing somewhat a updated version to my old program specifically to incorporate as many icom radios from one installed program, just for asl.
When I am done with icom, I will move to kenwood and yaesu.

I need a few beta testers with radios that I don’t have or not going to buy or borrow to test the scripts out.

Don’t get any high hopes for a bunch of bells and whistles as that is the issue that keeps it from being universal. Better to have a HF remote working than one you can’t control at all.

I only want to set freq, mode, and switch through memory channels. So if you need something more complex in a setting, you can program it to one of the memories and call it from there.
I am sticking repeater splits in there and vfo splits for those that do not have repeater split but do have dual vfo’s…

So when you have a CIV interface ready,
I will put out a call for a few models at a time and please reply here and I will instruct you from there privately. Check back here to see where we are in models and general release.

**This will work on a PC or Pi **
but for now, I only want to check installs with debian 9 and asl 101

I have a original 706 so I don’t need any testers there. Except if you have a 706MKii /g
For now, Wanting to test
746 & pro
756 & pro

When it has been tested with 8 or more models, I will start one for kenwood or yaesu.
But I likely will be slower in my efforts by that time as my personal schedule will explode soon enough.

I will not be providing any help with setting up the additional remote base nodes, so, if you can’t manage that on your own, please don’t volunteer to beta test. I would like to hear back from you quickly so I can move on to other radios and makes.
You do not need to set the node up and work the audio just to test the control part of this if the radio and node are in front of you. You do need a node to control from. Being in your dial plan, any one or all of your nodes could be used for control.
You would just need your serial civ interface, radio and asl 101 node on deb9 only.

I have studied most of the fleet of icom and pretty confident this will cover 90% of them.
I am currently writing instructions and a install script to make it easier. Writing instructions is not as easy as you might think !

Mike: I’m glad to see someone is working on this. I like the idea of an Allstar remote base and have an Icom IC-7100 that I’ve dreamed of interfacing to my repeaters as a 6m/2m/70cm and HF remote base.

You may want to explore Omni-Rig. It is a universal rig interface that has subroutine calls to control functions on various models of radio. A radio is easily defined in a text file.

Quite a few other developers use Omni-Rig as a quick way to make their software compatible with a large number of radios. It might make your job easier.

73, John W6RR

Well John,
Thanks for the words of encouragement.

The program I actually wrote over 10 years ago. This is how I created a workaround method to
capture variable dtmf strings for direct use in coding solutions in the dialplan. Fudging the phone patch.
You might look in the wiki as I published a topic on this recently for others to make use of.
But, the original code was reduced to make it more universal.
I am looking at a future node web interface as well ? sometime ?

So, ya wanna test this on that 7100 ? I would be appreciative of checking that model off my list.
That looks like it would make a nice remote. But never had or operated one.
You will need a CIV interface OR FTDI usb serial to TTL converter.
I may post something here as how to make a cheap one soon.

I just wrote the first draft of the manual and coded the install script.
And have tested it with Debian 10 over the weekend and expect no issues with asl beta2…
Send me a message to my email. (kb8jnm )

I have a IC-706mk2g and IC-910h would like to help Beta test

Thanks for your offer. - Hey 2 tests in one HI HI. Great !
Please send me a note to my qrz emal and I’ll take the rest off the list till we succeed.
(if you don’t mind doing it this way for now)
I don’t want this floating around till I know it is not problematic for some.
You will be testing my manual and install as well.

Having issues with google marking my email reply as spam and rejecting it.
Been trying to get to the bottom of it all day… no joy.
If you get weary of waiting, please send one on some other service other than gmail.
They are blocking my entire webserver of 240+ domains when there has been no security issue.
And my entire system does not send 500 emails a year and not even 40 to gmail accounts.
Always something…

Just a additional for those that can not afford a Icom CIV interface,
I use one of these available on ebay. I bought 5 of them recently for under $10

It is a usb to TTL level converter. Has a mini usb connector on one end and a serial breakout on the other.
You need only 3 lines.
See your manual.
for the 1/8 stereo jack on the back of radio for the correct connection of these 3 wires.


An update to what is going on…

At present, I would like to see some beta testers other than 706 and 756, but a 756 PRO series would be helpful and 746, 7100

As a bonus, I am building a web interface for the same.
One package with 2 or more forms of control.

But for now, this is still ICOM only, but I’m getting a Kenwood to start testing on soon.

Here is a draft of the web control…

Everything on the project is on pause till snow flies again !