Astdb.php - excessive CPU usage

Hi Guys:

I have an older CENTOS Server running Allstar node 2248 and a D-STAR reflector. Lately, I have found many instances of astdb.php running, using up excessive CPU cycles - e.g:

4294 root 18 0 13860 4604 3420 S 26.3 0.4 1547:18 astdb.php
28271 root 18 0 13860 5356 4120 R 18.7 0.5 191:16.68 astdb.php
13537 root 18 0 13860 5328 4104 S 18.0 0.5 621:06.24 astdb.php

AFAIK, this just started happening recently (maybe in the last month or so?). Any ideas / solution?

Upgrading the box to a different OS may not be so easy at this time. The box is also in a hospital DC, making things that much more challenging… especially now!



It’s weird that there is more than one running.

astdb.php was updated some time ago… may not be related to this issue but thought I mention it anyway. The url was updated. See New URL for Allmon Database. Update astdb.php