New URL for Allmon Database. Update astdb.php

We’re moving the URL astdb.php uses to fetch the “Node Information” database. Allmon Web site operators and users with Allmon installed on your node should edit the astdb.php URL line to show:

$url = "";.

The reason for this move is we are preparing to retire the original server. No date has been set to but we hope to shut it down soon. Please update at your next opportunity. Thanks!

does this apply to the older crompton images as well?

Yes, the new url applies to all Allmon installs. If you get updates from HamVoIP You will get the new url at the next update.

A change will be made tonight to implement RRDNS for the new Allmon db URL, If the change is successful we will be one step closer to retiring the old allstarlink server.

Tonight’s change will not remove the old URL. However, it’s not going to be around much longer. If you have not already updated your astdb.php per the instructions in this topic, you should do so as soon as possible.

I am running the old crompton image V1.02beta I dont think it updates

so where do I make the changes and it what folder please

Never mind I found it doing a [astdb.php] in find files from teh root directory

ok so is the address still the same http://192.168.0.xx/allmon2/link.php?nodes=42353

or do we need a new address too?

Your Allmon’s local IP address is not affected by this change.

thanks thought maybe this was my problem as I cant sign into it via almon any more or at least for the last 2 years