ASL3 Beta Announcement

AllStarLink is proud to announce ASL3, the next generation of AllStar repeater and hotspot software. ASL3 is built to run on Asterisk 20, the latest operating systems, and modern hardware. Asterisk 20 brings over 15 years of bug fixes, security improvements, and enhancements. Naturally, ASL3 benefits significantly from running on Asterisk 20. But we didn’t stop there.

ASL3 is easier to install and use thanks to a new fully functional Raspberry Pi image. To get started, check out the Raspberry Pi installation video at Debian 12 amd64, ASL3 installation is via apt updates. See the new manual at

Final but important notes: ASL3 configuration is significantly different, particularly for those who edit the configs. Both veteran and new AllStar users alike are advised to proceed with caution, read the manual, and follow the installation video.

73 and enjoy ASL3, the best AllStar yet.


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