ASL-2.0.0-beta.6 Ready for Download

Download ASL 2.0.0-beta.6 here
Report Bugs/Issues here

This is a minor release in terms of bugs / features and is mostly a maintenance release.

  • Add dynamic MOTD on /etc/issue and /etc/motd
  • Move customizations to .deb packages (ASL-Asterisk repo)
  • Update versions in app_rpt
  • Bug fixes

Download ASL 2.0.0-beta.6 here

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I submitted a issue on GitHub but thought I’d also reply here for discussion.

When using the ASL-Menu to set a password nothing happens as can be seen in the attached video. Am I doing something wrong?

As you can see from this screen shot taken at 29 seconds passwd is saying it was successful:


GitHub issue link:

Thanks for this! I’ll look into it.

@KK9ROB I on that in the new first-time script that’s on GitHub. Maybe I fixed it. Seemed ok while testing.

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Tried new beta image. 3 issues

  1. Raspi-config won’t assign any other user then Pi. I logged in as root to run it (not su’d, logged in)

  2. LAN connected being forced to static IP of even after running asl-menu to select DHCP and rebooting

  3. Receive “Can’t communicate with wpa_supplicant” (from raspi-config menu) despite fact that I created a correct /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf. Also, the binary does exist in /usr/sbin

These issues are identical on a Pi3+ and Pi4

  1. Pi user isn’t used – only repeater and root
  2. The 169.254 IP is an auto-assigned IP when a dynamic IP can’t be retrieved. Check your cable connections, try a different ethernet cable, or try using WiFi
  3. wpa_supplicant is a daemon that runs for WiFi. Try running systemctl enable wpa_supplicant
  1. I know that but I’m just reporting what raspi-config was doing. I tried to change its forced user of pi to root but it would not allow it.

  2. Cable was good and the same cable/Pi had no issues obtaining an IP assignment from my router if NOT running the beta but rather ASL 1.01 I had a different SD card

  3. I’m aware what wpa_supplicant is. I checked for the daemon was running (ps aux | grep wpa) and it was. As it turns out, there is no wpa_supplicant.conf supplied as part of the distro image. But even after I created a valid one, raspi-config reported what it did. Seems the image build needs some tweaking…

Is the rxnotch filter available in beta,6 ?

If not, can somebody please make one?

Thank you


Hi - Just checking in to see if 2.0.0-beta.6 is still the latest version, as it was released 6 months ago? Are there any plans to move this out of beta to a mainstream/stable release? Have there been no updates in 6 months?

Just curious - and wanting to keep all my things up-to-date.


  • Trevor

2.0.0-beta.6 is still the latest version. I will check with the team to see where we are at with it.

Jim, K6JWN

I’ve just created the image and performed the first boot and login on a Rapberry Pi 3B+ and have the following line printed above the shell prompt:

-bash: /usr/bin/grep: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

I gotta admit in all of my years of Linux and Debian that this is first for me!

Apparently grep has an issue as I tried using it to grep for ‘bin/grep’ in the dot files and get the same error message.

I suppose this is a clue, my understanding is that the image is supposed to be Debian 10 (Buster) and after trying to update the system and seeing that fail, I checked /etc/apt/sources.list and it is pointing to

Now I see everything in /etc/os-release references Raspbian, but I don’t think the Raspberry Pi organization supports Raspbian any more in favor of Raspberry Pi OS.

Color me confused…

There some repo update that needs to happen but I don’t remember the command. Please do an apt-get update and post or Google the error.

This the one you’re thinking of?

curl -s | sudo apt-key add -
sudo apt update

What user are you logged in as? If root, simply use

passwd new password

If repeater, then

sudo passwd new password

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ASL 2.0 Beta6 is the latest version as of 12/23/2022


Beta Bug Reports

Have a problem with the new beta? Submit a bug/issue report here:

Beta bugs discussion

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