WM9W ASL node 458800 experiencing intermittent audio echo

They have not had any luck diagnosing the issue. They have a single rf repeater and ASL node 458800 and Echolink WM9W-R (Node 218858). The repeater users do not hear the echos. The EL and ASL users do hear the echos. The echos are random but always about 2 to 3secs in length- never longer. I timed the echo events and did not observe any pattern during a broadcast of ARNewsline. The most common occurrence was around 50secs. I was trying to focus on periods between key downs. If anyone has suggestions for troubleshooting this issue I would appreciate the input. 73- Clifford - KK6QMS


Perhaps you can share what version of the software you are working with and the hardware type ?
asl 1.01 on a PC
ASL 2.0b6 on a Pi3b