Windows Utility to make a remote full backup of an SD card

The subject says it all I think. I would like to backup my network of Pi’s remotely to my Windows machine, via the SSH port if that is possible. The perfect scenario would make an image file for each node in my network.

Thx. 73, Adrian VE7NZ

All what I’m going to call the “node stuff” is in /etc/asterisk/ so I would not try to image or backup the entire Pi. You can just copy that directory to your windows machine with WinSCP. Check out WinSCP if you don’t know of it.

Or you could tar and gzip and copy resulting file.
tar czvf node1234.tgz /etc/asterisk
Of course one could get more elaborate and write a simple bash script that creates the file name with a node-datetime.tgz file name.

What about /usr/local/asterisk… there’s an .env file there too

Here’s what I run from my Synology box. This works pretty well to grab an image from the system while it’s running. It’s not a Windows utility as requested, but it can be run from another pi or generic Linux box. The output file can be fed into Etcher and then back to an SD card with no issue.

pi@littlefoxinabox "sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M status=progress | gzip -" | dd of=$(date +%Y%m%d\_%H%M%S)_LittleFoxInABox.img.gz

This should work fine on an Allstar node, but if you use it on something with any databases, I’d recommend stopping those services first.

EDIT: this takes a few hours due to the sheer size of the SD cards. You can move the gzip part to the receiving host to better balance network/CPU usage with the Pi.

73 de KE5GDB

Must be a HamVoIP system. ASL does not use that directory.

In that case tgz that dir too.
tar czvf node1234.tgz /etc/asterisk /usr/local/asterisk

I would do a simple google to 'linux remote whole disk back-up ’ and choose your flavor but on a windows machine, you will likely to have to ftp it to yourself.

But a quick search myself located this…