Wiki article edits

it seems like the wiki is not editable by common folk, so posting here in hopes it can get added:

in the allmon2 setup wiki, (there are currently duplicate pages with same info: 1) Allmon2 - AllStarLink Wiki and 2) Allmon2 Install - AllStarLink Wiki )

need to add steps of installing apache and php

for example:
$ sudo apt-get install apache php

Thanks for bringing it some attention.
The duplication is from migration from a older site and some of it has to be re-written as new.
Of course, the complete official install instruction are available on the github where the program resides for download.

I can not log into my account for some reason but would defer to others when it requires change in formatting, since the interface is to clunky for me.
We will get it corrected since you pointed it out. There are several other areas of the same that I am aware of, but this is still being rebuilt so allow a little time.

I might ask, if you can show me a link to the pages that pointed you to each of those pages so I can correct the source first. There should only be one page, no matter how many times it is referenced.
I can’t just delete the page without deleting the link that brought you there.

I’m not sure where the source link was, sorry!

It’s OK… Thanks. I think I had found it.