Whitelist rejects?

I have a node configured with “whitelist” access. Is there any way to determine if nodes not in the whitelist attempted a connection to my node?

Is /var/log/asterisk/connectlog the correct place to look?

Thank you.

Would I be correct to say…
that you have an issue with a node that is in your whitelist that still can not connect ?

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After several re-reads, I get the point of your question.
No default way to do this. There are the logs. /var/log/asterisk

You could write a script to pick up the data you are looking for and send an email easy enough I think.

The dial plan has a log() function. Probably only take one line to log a failed whitelist test.

Negative, the whitelist is working correctly. I only wish to be able to identify those nodes NOT in the whitelist that attempt connection.

Thank you, that sounds viable. I’m not familiar with “the dial plan” or what file to edit, so your help would be very much appreciated,

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