Which AllStarLink node hardware is the best choice?

I’m trying to determine which AllStarLink node hardware device is the best choice for reliability and audio quality. There are many AllStarLink nodes with transceivers, like the Shari and Pi3 computer combination that’s fully assembled and tested. I haven’t found any reviews that compare the different AllStarLink node hardware against each other. What AllStarLink node hardware would you recommend to connect conventional FM transceivers to the AllStarLink system?

Dave KY0L

It all depends on how will you be using it. If you are going to use it heavily then I would recommend going with an FM transceiver Yaesu, Moto, or whatever you choose.
I personally use a Pi hat from hotspotradios He will sell you the whole thing already programmed to your frequency and tones and if you provide the node number and other info it will pretty much be plug-and-play as soon as you get it.

Just know that the hotspot radio will be for your own personal use as they are only about 1/2W so it will cover your house and a bit more but don’t expect your neighbor a mile away to be able to use it.

I have a shary and a couple of Bryans and I prefer the hotspot USB radio over those even with the 1/2W, and I don’t have to put it together and figure out what I did wrong LOL
Also, the Bryan I have made had a 50% life span meaning from 6 of them I have built half of them have failed 3 failed because of the radio, and the other 3 to this day I can’t figure out what is wrong with them. I still have 3 brand new in a box I don’t expect to put them together any time soon .

Since you asked about connecting to conventional transceivers - check out the DRA Series interfaces. If you happen to have a radio that has a dedicated data (modem) connection (Mini-DIN-6) the DRA-50 is an excellent choice. If you don’t have a radio with a data port - the DRA-39 is a good choice. Pre-made cables are also available - depending on the exact conventional radio you have. Here’s a link:

Kevin W3KKC