Where does Allmon/Supermon pull its node information from?

Obviously the allstar info comes from what people populate for their nodes at allstarlink.org.

But what about EchoLink and IRLP? Is this done by screen scraping echolink.org and status.irlp.net?

(Please don’t post about the IRLP history and it not working etc. I am familiar with all of that. My question is specific to the info reported on supermon.)

I am also familiar with the display of “null” before the local download of the info from allstarlink.org is updated.

The Canada Hub has a working connection to IRLP Reflector 9029, but on occasion the node info shows as “null” when the other information for allstar nodes and echolink nodes is populated. So I am wanted to learn more so I can possibly create a cron or [schedule] event to force a refresh to avoid seeing “null” when connected.

Relevant links:

The dashboard I am referring to: https://bit.ly/3LSDE0a

73, Adrian VE7NZ
The Canada Hub (www.thecanadahub.ca - come and say hello, not just for Canadians :slight_smile:

There are number of AllStarLink APIs available. See Public APIs - AllStarLink Wiki