What public nodes can be used while traveling?

I plan to take a small ClearNode with me when traveling. The purpose is to be able to talk to friends who also use Allstar. My question is what nodes allow travelers to connect and talk to other people without interfering with nets, etc.?

73 Jim Darrough, KI7AY

If you are in the allstar network legitimately, you are the same as any other node.

So, any node that does not have a net a guess. According to your question.

Nets are often welcoming to mobile users. Some may be of content you are not suited to though.
Because of the number of nodes lately, it can be harder to locate interesting content.
Quite nodes often have potentially hundreds of listeners. You have to give a shout out.

If you are taking your ClearNode with you can connect to the nodes you normally do.

When using anybody else’s node either via RF or an AllStar connection it’s always best to ask what their policy is. Most AllStar node owners are friendly and are happy to have you, but be sure to check before connecting their node somewhere.

I am legitimate in every respect (not sure where you went with that one, Mike :grinning:. And I also appreciate your comment, wd6awp. I was really asking about particular node numbers that would be usable by myself when traveling.
There is a plethora of nodes on Allstar. Hence my request for recommendations. If I have to contact each node that I am considering, it would be rather tedious.
So again, does anyone know of any nodes that welcome travelers?
73 Jim Darrough KI7AY
Panama, OK

I didn’t mean anything with that outside of a registered node in the system = legitimate.
All nodes are the same or equal to the next. No node has priority or special treatment.

Hope you find what you are looking for.
But I would ask on the nodes since very few come here unless looking for help with the software.
When looking for a cow, a pasture is a good place to start.


How are you powering the ClearNode when mobile? I was looking at the ClearZero node (Same company). They state on the site to use their power adapter as others may cause voltage fluctuations. I’d like to use something that is USB. Just curious how yours is set up.


73, Rowe, KO4PK

I’m a different Jim, but I do travel with a portable node and I power mine from a USB battery pack.

Jim, K6JWN

I am using a ClearZero with an 11AH USB battery. It will run for at least 5 hours, and I have two. I have not tried plugging the truck’s USB port in to the battery to keep it charging, yet though.