What Other Transceiver's

What other Transceiver’s can work with the Clearnode other then Alinco? I currently have an Alinco DR-135T that needs repair. I would need something that works with the rpt Clear node and the Alinco was great due to the db9 connector on the back…

Wait… does Clearnode now sell a different device that doesn’t have the radio built-in…?

EDIT: Nevermind, I see they do.


The ClearRPT is a device that does not have a radio board in it. It uses a DB15 pin connector to interface with a radio or repeater. From there it can be any type of connector, including DB9. I interface mine with a weird connector from the back of a TKR-820. I used Line in/out, SQ (COS) and PTT and GND. It has been up for over a year with very little concern. I can do Allstar/Echolink, DMR and occasionally I use D-star out of it…

We have 2 ClearRPT V2 units hooked up to Kenwood TKR-850 repeaters via an SCOM7330 controller. You could interface any amateur radio or commercial radios like the Motorola CDM1250 to the ClearRPT as long as you have both audio and PTT/COR lines.