What are people running for hubs?

Is ASL 1.01 still the best way to go for hubs? I would like to eventually get out of Debian 9, but the Beta 2.0 has not been stable enough for me to want to run it as a hub. What is everyone else doing here for major hubs?


Speaking for myself,
I use cloud based systems for hubs. It makes combining anything else a breeze ‘for me’.
2 running 1.01 (was 4) and one 2.0b. But If I were to launch a new one for some reason, I would use 1.01. In fact I keep a couple of images to quick cloud launch them for ecom if needed.
Deb9 is not a issue for me.
If you want to move to deb10, I think you will need to move to 2.0b.
Perhaps not since you do not need to deal with the sound drivers. Not sure.
Worth a try. Depends on your tolerance level to make it work.
I think you need the same version of asterisk as the 2.0 to get asl-dahdi to work on deb10. Not sure.

I remember trying it and did not put much time into it. But in essence, you will have the beta when done, so… I would say if you have to move to deb 10, use 2.0b and work-out your bugs.
The few bugs I had seem to have went away after a couple of system updates last year.
All of my systems are very stable and some have run continuous for 5 months without a restart. I think my blessing has been to have a very top notch security on the server. But who knows. You work on issues one at a time.

But to add only that I am all intel based with a few pi’s for portable use and I don’t use 2.0b on a pi.
Perhaps others experience would be different.

I am running the ASL 64 bit version from N4IRS, under Debian 10, running in a ProxMox VM on a Lenovo M93P Tiny.

I LOVE this setup (and my hub supports 12 connected private nodes)

My hub is running on physical hardware to accommodate hardware vocoders, its got plenty good specs but is crashing when I have 40+ connections.

I’m pretty sure this is due to the 32 node limit set in source code and not my hardware, or ASL 1.01. I am occasionally getting the 32 connection limit warning, so I think I may need to edit source code to allow more than 32 connections.

I’m running a number of hubs on an instance of ASL on a x86_64 VM. I’m using the VM for reliability and lower latency. The VM also hosts a number of other services, gateways and transcoders inside Docker containers (ASL has to run on the host). I’m using the version of ASL from the DVSwitch repo, which seems to install on relatively “modern” distros.

I do have a machine in the shack for hosting hardware transcoders, which is linked to the main system over IP.;