What am I missing?

system: ASL2.0 on Pi2B with RA25
symptom: cannot make outbound or inbound connections on allstar or echolink. Node is ONLINE but is not reporting statistical data. No telemetry when given commands. app_rpt working fine otherwise.
SIP IAX registration is fine.
DNS is fine.
Router ports are fine. I tried this at two different locations with two different routers and ISP’s.
rpt_extnode is not updated in /var/lib/asterisk but is up to date in /tmp.
in fact there is two files in /tmp rpt_extnode and rpt_extnode-temp, both up to date.
I have spent two days on this and I am so close to hitting the easy button and downloading hamvoip. I just can’t stomach supporting stolen code.

In order to narrow the field a bit, can you say
the node number ?
how you are commanding the failed connection attempts… ie dtmf, command line, allmon or like gui

You can watch asterisk connection attempts by running asterisk in the foreground…
asterisk -rvvv
That tell you errors

You can force a restart of the node list…
systemctl restart updatenodelist
or if you are not root
sudo systemctl restart updatenodelist

Check the time/datestamp on the file to know it was updated.
But you can’t connect to anything that is not in the list with up to date correct data.

We will see how far that gets you.

I have sent commands to connect outbound via DTMF, and tried inbound connections from other nodes.

asterisk says iax2.c:9091 rejecting connection attempts because the request 60179@radio-secure does not exist.

I already stated that rpt_extnode is not updated in /var/lib/asterisk but is up to date in /tmp.
in fact there is two files in /tmp rpt_extnode and rpt_extnode-temp, both up to date. I copied rpt_extnode to /var/lib/asterisk and that did not change anything. Node list is fine beacuse it is attempting to connect at the right address.
there is something else wrong.

here is the IAX
; Inter-Asterisk eXchange driver definition



bindport = 4569 ; bindport and bindaddr may be specified

; NOTE: bindport must be specified BEFORE
; bindaddr or may be specified on a specific
; bindaddr if followed by colon and port
; (e.g. bindaddr=

; bindaddr = ; more than once to bind to multiple
; addresses, but the first will be the
; default

disallow = all ; The permitted codecs for outgoing connections
; Audio Quality Bandwidth
;allow = ulaw ; best 87 kbps
;allow = adpcm ; good 55 kbps
;allow = gsm ; medicore 36 kbps
allow = ulaw
allow = adpcm
allow = g722
allow = g726aal2
allow = gsm
allow = ilbc

here is the extensions

static = yes ; These two lines prevent the command-line interface
writeprotect = yes ; from overwriting the config file. Leave them here.

HOMENPA = 999 ; change this to your Area Code
NODE = 60719 ; change this to your node number


exten => i,1,Hangup

exten => ${NODE},1,rpt,${NODE}

bindaddr =

This allows any connection from any IP.
Later restricted by nodeslist data.
Save / restart after changes.