Websocket is not available or went away

I have install allmon3 andI have the following error message

“Websocket is not available or went away”

It’s running under DEBIAN 11 and Python 3.10
Where is the mistake and how to solve ?
73 Paul, ON6DP

Is the daemon running? Do systemctl status allmon3 and post what you get.

@on6dp - Do you EVER see any data or does it always say that? Do you ever get a pop-up that says “SEVERE ERROR” and that the data could not load? Do your nodes appear on the left in the menu?

If the above is Yes, No, No, and Yes then it’s most likely a problem with the webserver and/or your browser not properly upgrading to Websockets for the streaming data. Output of grep allmon3 /var/log/daemon.log would be very helpful here.