Web Transceiver - Update

At the help desk we continue to get many questions regarding the web transceiver feature on the Allstarlink website.

So, I thought that I would post this information to the list for reference in an attempt to explain some of the issues with the web transceiver.

The good news is that the web transceiver feature will still work on the new webpage at https://web-tpa.allstarlink.org with a somewhat detailed work around .

This Allstarlink feature was written many years ago and has not really been updated since then.

The major problem being that it is Java based, which posses security issues with the newer versions of browsers.

Most of the modern web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox on any OS, and Microsoft Edge have dropped support for Java altogether and the web transceiver feature simply will not work with these browsers.

(If there is someone out there that knows how to code, and has the time and interest to help, I am sure the ASL community would be appreciative keeping this feature working in all the new web browsers.
This may mean writing a new program that is not based in Java! )

Here are some suggestions and workarounds to get the web transceiver working on your computer.

First, go to the ASL wiki page at https://wiki.allstarlink.org/wiki/Web_Transceiver

Then click on the words in the last sentence that say

That should download a PDF document that you can use as a reference to try and update your security settings in Java to make the web transceiver work.

Note: On page 5 where it shows you to add the following (old) webpage (https://allstarlink.org) to the exception list. Instead, you will need to add the new website address which is. https://web-tpa.allstarlink.org/

Note: To avoid problems you will need to download a different browser called Pale Moon or SeaMonkey.

Go to this page: https://www.palemoon.org/ (supports Windows and Linux)

or this browser

http://www.seamonkey-project.org (supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux)

Once you have downloaded and installed your browser of choice, then go to the new Allstarlink webpage.



Click on at the top of the page.

Then on the right-hand side, there is a box that says

Highlight that with the mouse and then type in the node number in the box that you would like to connect too.

This will bring up the node you want to connect to.

Now click on the green “wt” located next to the node number to make your Web Transceiver connection.

(Note: A green highlighted node number with the 'wt" next to the node number indicants that the current software on the node supports the Web Transceiver function.

If the node number is not highlighted in green with “wt” it will NOT support a web transceiver connection.)

At this point, you may get a message that says you need to upgrade to the latest version of java. Install the latest version of java.

Then, you may also get a Security Warning box that pops up asking you “Do you want to run this application” select the “I accept the risk and want to run this application” then click on the run button.

This should finally bring up the web transceiver in your browser.

Happy Allstarlinking!


Marshall - ke6pcv

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