USRP channel driver

I am working on a project that uses the USRP protocol, and would like to support ASL as a client, but the current USRP channel driver does not implement some of the functionality required by the protocol, and is in need of some enhancements. I have code that I can contribute, who do I get in touch with to get started? Tnx, de VE6VH.

I would think that you will need to write your own version of usrp module for asterisk
see /etc/asterisk/modules.conf
load => ; GNU Radio interface USRP Channel Driver

While I could be wrong, I believe it to be created by the gnu radio folks.
I’m sure there are proper credits if you look into it.
It is a accepted standard worldwide for many things outside of app_rpt/asl, even if it needs updating for your purpose.

The USRP channel driver was written my Max KA1RBI. DVSwitch also uses the USRP channel driver. I can’t speak for the AllStarLink dev team,.but we would WELCOME any enhancements that did not break existing functionality.

Steve N4IRS

There are a couple of schools of thought on how to proceed; one is to enhance the current driver to add functionality, the other is to write a new driver. Either one could be installed by simply modifying modules.conf. I am leaning towards the latter.

Contributions are welcome.

It would also be very cool to have folks fix some minor issues, package up images and get ASL 2.0 out of beta.

Does anyone know how to set an option on a channel driver, ie invoke the set_options routine as defined in the channel_tech struct? I am trying to get some DTMF processing to work…Tnx.

While I do not know for sure, as I have never played with the channel drivers,
But I don’t think you will get that kind of input unless you rewrite the channel driver.
I think you are stuck with parms that are static loaded when initialized.
As I said, I could be wrong about that.

In that mindset, if you find this to be correct,
you might try setting/reading a global asterisk var with the altered channel driver that can be changed via dtmf.

FYI I am writing a custom channel driver.

I understood that to be the case.
Good Luck.