Using GPIO to determine curtosey tone?

Has anyone used the GPIO pins to determine a curt tone? I would like to use a relay and have it set if the electricity goes off it trips a GPIO pin and then the curt tone would be deferent so we know the juice is out at the repeater site. Any thoughts?

1st, starting with the system, the easy way is to create a profile, we call ‘control state’
(see near the bottom of rpt.conf) Many settings, not just CT can be manipulated at once.

2nd apply a command and or macro on input from gpio to execute the control state change.

There is no way to change the courtesy tone on the fly. However, you could work around this by not having one in general and producing a tone on various inputs. But only a parallel port has a good many pins to activate for that kind of stuff and there could be many options with a good bit of work.
Stick with the simple stuff on top.

Seems like the easiest thing might be to change a voice ID when the GPIO state changes.

You could run a cron job every 5 minutes to check the state, and then change a symlink pointing to your voice ID when power outage is detected.

You can also send an alert via email or push notification etc.



I would say something along that line but with a tail message.

You can have a tail msg list, and all you need to do is list one that is emergency power statement that does not normally exist by listed name. So all you have to do is change the name to correct when you want it played.

The software does not error out and create problems when it’s not found under normal use, it just goes to the next one it finds.
But if you aleady have a lot of tail msgs, you might want to rename htem at the same time to keep them from playing.

Then of course you need to trigger a method to revert back when not true.

I use this myself for a lot of stuff.


While this may not be correct, I have not tested it, it is a sample to what a event with pp pin would look like but I guess you are using uri gpio. adjust as needed

bupwr = v|e|${RPT_PP12} =~ “",1."”
*921 = f|t|bupwr