Using dvswitch mobile app

i can use repeater phone but not dvswitch mobile app i do not have physical node what should i use for ip address G4NMO blind person using talkbak on my pixel phone john00653@gmail thanks a

If I understand you correctly,
If you do not have a physical node / app_rpt/allstar system, then dwsmobile is of no value.
It does it’s magic though a NODE of APP_RPT/allstarlink server.

I know that may not translate well in a text to speech but I have no remedy for that.

Some starting points

and the dvswitch group at

I might mention for considering circumstances, that you could have a friend host a node on their server for you that you could make a dvsmobile attachment. It’s possible.

I now have dv switch working on my android phone. I did the following turn off battery optimization. then go to more then wt setup. allstar link and logged in. saved my setup then allstar link wt mode then type in a node number and it works even though I do not have a physical node amazing.

I think there have been changes in the new 2.0 beta if that is what you have.
So, it is working from the Web Transceiver portal.
Not aware of them, but just the same the support for DVSM is at