Using a IC2300h to transmit/rec

im using an Allstarlink node to transmit/receive my ft7900 allstar signal , I want to switch radios and use my IC2300H to do the same setup. The FT7900 has a 6 din pin setup so to use the IC2300H I would have to connect the cable from the sound card to the either connection on the front of the IC2300H. Does anyone use this setup? Can you tell me the COS line setup is? I am wantin to use the FT7900 to connect the stm32 repeater builders node on uhf so I can use the same dual band antenna which I already have a Diamond duplexer to seperate the signals.

While I am not familure with either radio and was hoping that someone had a direct answer for you,

I will say that you likely will need to get a schmatic, open the radio and find a point in the rx squelch circut that flops voltage OR switches to/from ground to get a COS signal.
And if there is no line level output from the radio, in the form of a jack, you will need to find a attachment point for that as well or use speaker output with a resistor.
Setting appropriate logic and audio type in the ASL USBradio.Simpleusb

Perhaps bumping this topic will cause notice to someone again and you get a better answer.