Use AllStar Link & an Icom IC-705?

Is it possible to use an Icom IC-705 radio with AllStar?

Thank you.

Gary AK4ZX

From specifications:
“USB port (micro-B) for direct interface”
You would need a allstarlink node running on a computer to interface the radio to.
I would add that it’s an expensive radio to use for a node, there are less expensive options.


Please explain how the “USB port (mirco-B) direct interface” on the Icom IC-705 radio would work with Allstarlink software.


Marshall - ke6pcv

Thank you for your reply.

Agreed. The Icom 705 is a fairly expensive radio so if it is possible to use as an ASL node, it would not be on a continuous basis…just when I’m out and about with my go-box. The idea was simply to add ASL to the quiver of capabilities of my go-box so if needed, it would be on-board if needed.

Thank you again for your reply.

Gary AK4ZX


From my experience, there is no channel driver in Allstarlink software that supports a direct “USB port” connection from a radio to a computer running Allstarlink.

You need to use a supported sound fob in between the radio and computer. A sound fob that has either a CM108 or CM119 supported chip.

Please correct me if I am wrong on this.


Marshall - ke6pcv

If I did it all over again I’d get one of these.

ARA-1 sound fob.
Plug into usb on computer running Allstarlink and use USB from Icom to wire to sound fob.

Well, I think I understand what you are driving at…

Let me say it this way so there is no confusion…

You can not expect to plug the radio’s usb port into a asl server and expect funcionality. There is no code in app_rpt for it through the radio’s usb.
However, I can assume you are looking for digital mode capability, and for that in asl, I would suggest DVSwitch. See the dvswitch group at

You can connect it like any other radio (audio and logic) with a sound fob and/or parallel port and I would think it is logical to assume that since dstar is a mode of the radio, it could be brought forward in the same manner if your connection and config are correct as analog to asl.

If you do connect it to asl, I would like to hear from you for a possible beta test for control of the radio through asl or the web.

This answer really does not address Gary’s original question.

The signals needed from the Icom IC-705 radio to a supported sound fob for Allstar operation.

  1. TX Audio (min input)
  2. RX Audio (speaker audio or discriminator audio)
  3. COR/COS (not needed if you have discriminator audio and are running the usbradio channel driver)
  4. PTT
  5. Ground

I see that the IC-705 radio does have speaker audio, Mic input audio, PTT and ground connection options.

I do NOT see a COR/COS signal or discriminator audio available on a connector to the outside of the radio.

Sure we can open up the $1,200. radio and probably find the proper pick-off point to make an interface work for Allstar.

But, the $1,200 dollar ICOM IC-705 is not easily supported by Allstarlink software and a compatible sound fob without those signals being brought to a connector on the outside of the radio.

There are many other model HF radios that have a data port on the back of the radio, which provides all the proper signals needed to easily interface to a compatible sound fob for Allstar operation,


Marshall - ke6pcv

you can but why the 705 would be overkill.

Something along these lines perhaps?

Plugs into the din port on the back of the Icom?

The question was
Is it possible to use an Icom IC-705 radio with AllStar?
The answer is yes. It is a analog radio with at least one digital mode conversion built-in…

But that would depend on what you want to use it for.
It can be used as a RX, TX and Remote Base. And being used as a remote base on dstar since it has the capability. It can’t be used by itself as a repeater, but could be used as a simplex node.
Now I’m not passing judgment as to which of those you would want to actually do.
But the question is subjective to ‘use it on asl for what purpose’ ? And I guess that is still a mystery.

When he wants better answers, he will provide more information.

The ICOM IC-705 does not have a din port on the radio! :slight_smile: