URL-based search option for filtering node list

I would like to keep a number of bookmarks handy for some of the nodes or groups I’m following. Is there a method to pass a search parameter to the URL AllStar Link | Node List, as well as the number of results? This would allow me to create a URL for each group I’m following without having to manually enter the search value every time.

Dany F4GDB


I’m not trying to get stats about a particular node but a filtered list of nodes based upon a keyword via an URL rather than entering the keyword in a search box.

There is no way to do that as far as I know.

I think if you look at the code for the php web page for the node lists using ‘all nodes’ criteria, you will find the code for the method you are looking for.

You could retrieve this info once a day/week/month, save to file and scan the file for matching text on demand. It really changes very little daily.

At one time, the page would do that as I would search for a town or state name or 2 letter abbreviation or even callsign to geotarget a node in a area.
But do the same when viewing ‘all nodes’ with the .find on page’ feature in browser.

It is not all that accurate because folks do not fill the data out in full as desired.
But what you see when viewing ‘all nodes’ is all there is available.