URIx to CAT-250


Have anyone connected a DMK URIx to the remote (link) port of a CAT-250 repeater controller back to back? Looking for pinout configuration.

73’ KP4IP

I have not done this specifically, but know that while you are just crossing cos to ptt and the reverse.

So, the logic means are not the same. For a PTT is normally 0v or float when inactive and still 0v when active but switches to ground.

The remedy for this is to invert the logic with a transistor.

TX audio becomes RX audio on the other device.

But the logic for this requires you to do physical testing for you also have adjustments for the logic type in CAT as well well as URI but nether will allow you to convert the PTT line correctly without converting the logic to something that applies a positive voltage for either active or inactive,

But perhaps someone who has done this specifically will have the skinny instruction.