Uri ptt light turns off late

Hi, I am using raspberry pi with dmk Uri connected through Iax trunk to other pbx, with pbx extensions dialing in allstar node using *99 and # keys.
The problem lies in very late respond of uri to # key, the ptt lights tuns off after 9 seconds almost…any idea what could be the problem?

hangtime in rpt.conf?


Hangtime = 5000
Alhangtime = 4000
Totime = 180000
Also could you plz brief what are these?

In app_rpt - depending on the duplex mode, when a user unkeys - after the courtesy tone sounds, unless another station transmits, there is again a period of silence, typically on the order of several seconds before the repeater transmitter unkeys or drops out. This is referred to as “hang time”. The purpose is to keep the transmitter keyed between users. Many years ago, when repeaters had a lot of mechanical devices (relays - contactors) it was ‘easier’ on the equipment to keep it keyed and prevented the sometimes very fast cycling on/off/on of the transmitter.

Kevin W3KKC

What is courtesy tone? What is it’s purpose and how to disable it?
Is it the same tone that is heard on all radios connected to allstar?