Upload .iso image to Vultr.com

I am trying to deploy a server on vultur.com and trying to use the .iso in the help file on allstarlink.org and it doesn’t work.

Vultur says the link no longer exists. So is there a link anywhere else that anyone knows of that might work?

You are correct, I would normally load the iso file from the allstarlink.org page however, there is no iso file link there at all. That’s what I’m trying to find.

I don’t know what is up with that link, but I think I wrote that page 4 years ago…
but this one should work…

the iso files seem to have disappeared from the asl directory.

I have a personal copied stored… but I think I have had one on file at vultr if you look through the iso’s they have in the library.

Thanks Mike. I’ll give that a try.

Mike didn’t seem to find it in the public iso library, any hints on how to find the iso?

Yes, I went looking myself but gave up before bed.
I think the iso was zipped in the download directory.
For now, you will need to download the zip from

and upload it from your own address or google drive.

Not sure who did that without thinking of the implications as it’s not saving much bandwidth to help.

I have posted it to one of my servers that will help in the short term…


don’t expect that to dump very quickly… but it might.

I did notice that the beta6 is still listed as unzipped iso…


Just a FYI…
The ISO has returned to it’s original link location.
The how2 page was revised a bit to include the beta6 iso
and will be re-written/re-verified when the beta6 is no longer a beta
My temp link above will be removed as it has been interfering with traffic on my server.