Upgrading OS from 6.1 to 6.6 Debian/Bookworm Breaks ASL


I am running ASL on a two Raspberry pi 5 with Debian/Bookworm. Following Alan’s instructions on github.
They both have been running great. Great instructions and easy to follow.
I tried to upgrade 1 ASL node from OS 1.6 to 6,6 and it breaks ASL. I also tried to download a new Raspbian image 6.6 and went through the process again and the DAHADI section fails.
So I am back to 1.6 were it works fine again. Has anyone done the update to 6.6 and have it working?

I am not a linux guru and not sure were to go or how to fix it to make it work.



I’m a bit confused by your OS 1.6 to OS 6.6 comments.

Where are you getting your images?
Are you using the Raspberry Pi Imager?
What image are you choosing? 64-bit? 32-bit? Lite? Full?

Also, if you “apt update; apt upgrade” and end up with a new kernel installed on your device then you must (a) reboot and (b) start the asl-install process over from the top (Setup, …).



p.s. earlier today I pushed an update to the project so either “git pull” to update your downloaded copy of the repo or clone a fresh copy.

Hello Allan,

Thanks for you reply.

I use PI-Imager
Raspberry pi OS 64 bit
Using the full version.

The first install with 6.1 went well with out and issues.

After I receive your reply I will start from scratch and go through the process again.
I have two nodes working back on 6.1 right now.
I will make a back up copy from 6.1 and restore after I get 6.6 working.

Thank you for your help.


Allan, I’ve used raspbian on Debian 12 with a pi 4 and it works great. I’ve done it with a a pi3 and it works but lags a lot. Right now I’m running ASL on a Dell Wyse mini computer on Debian 12 using instructions from your github, also running a sound interface. It works great.

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You might try to re-compile DAHDI.
Being broke, it represents issues with the kernel.

I started from scratch again and had the same result with DAHDI Giving me an error. I am attaching the /var/tmp/build-dahdi.txt file that the error has referenced.
build-dahdi.pdf (43.4 KB)

Just what OS are you using. Name it in full.


I am trying to use Raspberry pi OS (64 bit) 6.6
A port of Debian Bookworm with the Raspberry pi Desktop.
It.s the latest image I used from Pi Imager.

also version 6.6. I initially tried to upgrade from 6.1. Working fine on 6.1.

from hostnamectl
Icon name: computer
Machine ID: f2c6d2db08b54a7989a7d5d76cb11f01
Boot ID: ebb70e952cb649d0969b0f8fbf9789cd
Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)
Kernel: Linux 6.6.20+rpt-rpi-2712
Architecture: arm64

Thank you for your help

Perhaps someone with a Pi 5 and Raspberian 6.6 will chime in here,

But this is very new OS (days old-march 12 2024) Unless you have some older beta.

It i the kernel/headers that breaks DAHDI

But I might add that if you were trying the version with full desktop, perhaps try the skinny minimal version.

I would suggest you stick with the working 6.1 unless you want to hammer the issues out.
I’m not sure what is to be gained.
Perhaps someone who has worked it out will chime in. But I doubt many with a Pi5 are even aware of the new Rasbian 6.6 yet.

Thanks Mike, I am good staying with 6.1 for now.
I will try a more bare down version maybe tomorrow… But I am content with 6.1 for now.
Will let you know on the scaled down version when I do it.

I am also booting from NVMe M.2 SSD drives. Pretty cool faster.

Like to have the latest, but I know when to stop and wait.

Thanks again for your help.


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Yes, changing storage on a pi helps, and even more with later Pi’s.
Class 10 SD cards are not going to boost performance any on a Pi 3,4,5 compared to a good SSD on a usb3.

And Most of buy the sd cards on ebay/amazon where they lie about the class they are and get away with it. A True class 10 is not all that bad. But not near as good as USB3/SSD.

And we hams always buy the cheap stuff LOL

Look forward to the result using the skinny version.

Well Mike. Tried the scale down version(lite) and same result.

The error file show errors in regards to drivers.

Out side of my expertise level.

Thanks for all your help. My next little project is POE HAT boards. Power over Ethernet. If my boards ever get here from China.

Thanks again.


CC [M] /home/admin/ASL-Install/ASL-DAHDI/linux/drivers/dahdi/dahdi-sysfs.o
/home/admin/ASL-Install/ASL-DAHDI/linux/drivers/dahdi/dahdi-sysfs.c:272:27: error: initialization of ‘int (*)(const struct device *, struct kobj_uevent_env )’ from incompatible pointer type ‘int ()(struct device *, struct kobj_uevent_env *)’ [-Werror=incompatible-pointer-types]
272 | .uevent = span_uevent,
| ^~~~~~~~~~~
/home/admin/ASL-Install/ASL-DAHDI/linux/drivers/dahdi/dahdi-sysfs.c:272:27: note: (near initialization for ‘spans_bus_type.uevent’)
/home/admin/ASL-Install/ASL-DAHDI/linux/drivers/dahdi/dahdi-sysfs.c:709:27: error:

I’m running several instances of Allan’s Github version with Debian 12 running under Proxmox.

It runs much better (no issues with USB delays) under Proxmox than F4HWD’s version does under Deb 11

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I’m trying the same n a orangepi 3lbt and get the exact same error message. I thought it was because I was trying bookworm and orange pi…


Interesting I just pulled down another 6.1 image and tried to install ASL and now it’s not working. I get the same error with DAHDI.


To all :

I have reproduced the DAHDI build failure. I’ll see if I can craft up a fix. No promises but stay tuned.

– Allan, WA3WCO

Thanks Allan for all you are doing. This is good stuff.

Will stay tuned.


*** UPDATE ***

I have resolved the DAHDI build issue for devices running with [Debian] Linux kernel version 6.6.

For those of you who have already downloaded (cloned) my ASL-Install repository you can get the latest by using :

cd ASL-Install
git pull

start from the top ("Setup") and work your way down

or you can remove the entire ASL-Install directory and start over :slight_smile:


– Allan, WA3WCO

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Great news Allan,

I just did 2 nodes from scratch and worked out great.

Thank you very much.


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What flavor devices did you build? RPi4’s ? RPI5’s ?