Unable to Connect to specific Echolink node

From my Allstar node, I am unable to connect to Echolink node 586477. I’m just wondering if it is just me? Via a proxy, my laptop is able to connect but not my Allstar node. I can connect to many other nodes just not this one. The lady says “connection failed”.
During the connection attempt, I see this on Supermon.

Hey Mike. I checked the node you’re trying to connect to and it more than likely, the owner of that node is blocking connections from repeaters and linked stations because I was able to connect to it fine using my computer and my mobile phone, but my repeater and my hub both are unable to connect to it. This is probably why you aren’t able to connect to it either.

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Is your allstar node w/EL and your laptop using the same network IP
(inside the same NAT)

Also see connectivity issues and controlling access…
Echolink.conf - Echolink Channel Driver - AllStarLink Wiki