Unable to connect to certain nodes

I’m running a SHARI node with a Raspberry Pi 3. My node number is 42437. I built it two weeks ago and had it working great. I would use it mainly to connect to our local club repeater node 43763.

Last night, after not using the node for a few days, I fired it up, but I was unable to connect to the club node. I also noticed that some of the stats.allstarlink.org assets have been intermittently offline or unavailable since last night.

A few things to note are that:
A. My node is connected to the internet as verified by pinging a few domain names.
B. Others are able to connect to the club node 43763 using their AllStarLink nodes.
C. I am able to connect to the WIN System hub node 2560

I am getting the error message below when attempting to connect to 43763:

-- rpt (attempt_reconnect) initiating call to IAX2/radio@ on IAX2/
[Oct  7 09:02:51] WARNING[355]: app_rpt.c:16898 attempt_reconnect: Reconnect Attempt to 43763 in process
-- Call accepted by (format g726aal2)
-- Format for call is g726aal2
-- Hungup 'IAX2/'

So, I just noticed something similar, my portable node had been online since last night, but was not able to connect to my hub. Checked the hub and noticed that while my updatenodelist script was running, the timestamp on the rpt_extnodes file was from yesterday (prior to turning on my portable node).

I had to restart the updatenodelist script in order for it to grab a new file. Not sure why, but that was my fix.

Jim, K6JWN

Interesting. I restarted my Raspberry Pi a few times during troubleshooting. What command would I use to get it to restart the actual updatenodelist script?

should be:

systemctl restart updatenodelist

Jim, K6JWN

Is that a command for the bash shell or allstarlink CLI? It is giving me errors in both.

its done in the bash shell. I am running the ASL stuff on Ubuntu 18.04, the command may vary a bit from distro to distro. Which one are you running?

Jim, K6JWN

HamVOIP from the latest image: RPi2/RPi2-3-4_V1.6-01_Allstar.img.xz

Failed to restart updatenodelist.service: Unit updatenodelist.service not found.

Ahh, I am not sure what hamvoip calls it. May be something way different.

Jim, K6JWN

It looks like HamVOIP uses /usr/local/etc/rc.updatenodelist

I ran that but no luck if it is indeed the same function. The connection is still failing.

HamVoIP DOES NOT use the rc.updatenodelist script at all…HamVoIP uses a DNS based lookup system. If you’re having HamVoIP connectivity problems, please contact me on the HamVoIP arm-allstar support mailing list. http://lists.hamvoip.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/arm-allstar

…Or, send me a message directly: kb4fxc@gmail.com

73, David KB4FXC

I was able to solve this with David’s help.

The issue was on the 43763 node (the one I was trying to connect to). Since I have shell access to the remote node 43763 as well, I was able to update the rpt_extnodes file there. In non-HamVOIP ASL, this is performed by running the rc.updatenodelist script.

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